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There was a trackday at Zolder this past Friday.

Marc, Eric v S and myself attended the day with our cars (which included some track instruction).

I can confirm that Saabine certainly can go, stop and change direction well. Eric was short shifting and it seems that Saabine has a kind of two stage acceleration.. on low revs to mid revs the car accelerates well.. but I got the hint a few times that as the revs built past 4500 she seemed to 'get on cam' and redouble her acceleration efforts. Mightily impressive.

I was also impressed by Marc's 9000 Aero. The car is completely standard, yet holds such ferocious acceleration, it seems obscene for such a large, plain looking car.

The day contained many nice cars, Tuned (260hp) Ford Focus RS. Lancia Delta Integrale EVO , 911s (including a ducktail Carerra 2.7 RS), some fairly modified Imprezas and such.

I enjoyed targeting, hanging with, overtaking and then leaving a
Belgian 9-5 Aero on the circuit in my 9-3 TiD ... I guess good suspension and good tyres makes up for horsepower....

Here are some pictures :

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