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york raceway

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Hello im frankie from the vpcuk (volvo performance club uk) we have annual meet each year at york race way and would like to know if any one from the saab club would like to attend.
Its a brilliant venu with our own allocated parking space and our own lanes so we get to run the 1/4 mile with each other.
Heres the link to the volvo site with all the info

Well the time has come again for york race way im aiming for the 29th of may which is a bank holiday weekend.
Also if the weather is nice there will be camping the night before with bbq.
York has just recently done there track up so it should be really good.
As before york always saves us are own allocated spaces and own lane for the 1/4mile so we all race together.
Can i have names for who wishes to attend and who wishes to attend and run the 1/4mile.
Also this is not a open rwyb so it wont be packed out as you have to book spaces, so we should have loads of runs.
Its not just limited to volvos so if you have friend who want to attend aswell there more than welcome.
Heres the link to york race way web site.
Also a £10 refundable deposit on the day will be required and will need to be in by the 10th of april for those running

i thought that this would be good competition battle of the swedes lol and as i have both cars a volvo v70r and a saab 9-5 aero dunno what i'll be doing lol
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no interest then? seems no-one talks on this forum
i take it no-one wants to race a volvo in their saabs lol
Hi, I would love to come down - although it might just be you me and the cars! ha

Whats the crack then? I am not sure mine is up to racing anything but it sounds a good day out - quite fancy looking into the other Saabs.

Let me know or send me a message

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