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Had my annual service the other day and recieved the customary list of "anmärkningar" Swedish for "Oooohhh it'll cost you....", even in the Saab's homeland you would cry at the estimates (£500 to replace the CV Rubber Covers, just the outer two)

With my trusty Haynes I am going to try and fix some of the things myself and have found a few old comments related to two of them which were promising another well left alone (Wishbone Bushes).

Rear Brake Pipe leftside rusted, and the handbrake lever on the caliper wont make another MOT. Any issues to watch out for in changing these?

And the CV covers, the 9K 2l cs has done 340,000 km so is it worth changing the cv joint or driveshaft while I am at it, or do both inner and outer rubbers?

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