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Not sure where to put this so I've put it under Classic Saabs and Sale/Parts.

I have a year 2000 93 SE automatic convertible with 257,000+ (yes really!) miles on the clock which sadly just has to go.
I use it every day but it's showing it's mileage now.
I'd rather it did someone some good rather than scrapping it (you all know what Saab owners are like).

The bodywork is still great - a small bit of rust over one wheel arch - it's still a looker.
The (original) engine is definitely showing it's mileage, although I think the main problem is a sensor somewhere.
It has (had for years) a slow coolant leak which nobody has been able to find - I'm sure it's head related as the coolant system gets over-pressurised but I've had the head gasket done twice and it hasn't cured it.
It has an A/C leak (again, nobody has found where) - the coolant lasts for about 6 months before it needs refilling.
The driver's seat is pretty well knackered - I've had to resot to duct tape.

The roof is in good condition but needs a clean.
I replaced the hydraulic rams a few years ago with recons from SimplySaab (Bristol).
I had the roof control box rebuilt a few years ago too by CJ Motors (Clive) near Henley.

As I say, I'd rather someone could use it for spares rather than scrap it so if anyone would like to make an offer?
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