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Re: XTRONS 6.95" Double 2 DIN Car Stereo DVD Player GPS Sat-Nav VMCD Bluetooth RDS

Anyway so i went ahead and purchased the above for my 9-3

got a car audio company to put it into the saab only required an ariel adaptor £5 from Halfords

and bobs your uncle all seems to be working fine

only one minor issue at the moment is loss of steering wheel controls it does support but i am having a bit of a problem in that when doing the setting it only takes one command and seems to lock it on pain when its the volume control so i have opted to purchase one of these

Saab 9-3 1998-2005 Steering Wheel Stalk Control Interface Lead CTSSA002.2 £20

hopefully this will sort out the problem

i also have only one dash speaker working and the audio guy tested it and said it was knackered so i have purchased some new dash speakers

Saab 9.3 93 Dash Speakers Mac Audio 3.5" 87mm Speaker £20

and just to keep the kids happy so they dont keep using up all there phone data i picked up one of these that plugs into the stereo and makes the car Wifi for all to use

WiFi Router 3G Network USB Stick Dongle for XTRONS Android Car DVD Stereo Unit £35

great fun watching or listening to Stand up comedy while driving

one last thing is although there is the space and mesh for the door speakers there are none fitted can i just buy a set of speakers and use normal audio cables that will go direct into the back of the stereo as it has the audio outs

happy driving


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Re: XTRONS 6.95" Double 2 DIN Car Stereo DVD Player GPS Sat-Nav VMCD Bluetooth RDS

Crikey , that sounds like a great install esp the WIFI router .
You must be very happy with the way it turned out .
That the great thing about the early saabs , so easy to swap the head units , and not all compexaty of the later models .
With regards the missing speakers you should be able as you say, just purchase a set and run leads from head unit .
And your steering wheel controls should come back to life once the above patch lead is fitted .
If you can , try and put a photo up of the installation.
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