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Remember that Sonett II on Ebay?

The owner, Chris Bird, picked it up when he bought a storage container. It looks like he does that sort of thing for his furniture resale store. I don't know if it's a pot-luck thing, but I'm betting he's doing OK out of this one.


<blockquote> </blockquote>


There's 1 day and 14 hours to go on the auction as I write this and the Sonett has attracted 4 bids so far, and the top bid at the moment is at US$10,100.

The big attractions with this one was that 1) it really does look in pretty good shape, and 2) the odometer showed just 443 miles. Chris (the seller) heard about my previous post on this subject and chimed in through comments to say the following:

<blockquote>Just to let everyone know...I think the person who did the restoration on this car may have had the ODO reset or may have just installed a new one. I would assume a car with only 443 miles would not need patch work done on the rockers.

Regardless of the mileage - the car is in great shape.</blockquote> doesn't say any of that on the ad. Shouldn't it?

But I would have to assume that if he's been so open about it here then he's also being similarly open with any bidders that contact him (and I'd definitely be wanting to make contact before committing that kind of money).

The Sonett II really is a great looking car. I wonder what the V4s go for?
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