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I own a 1994 9000 Aero with a 2.0ltr (B204L) motor.
I am looking at purchasing a Redbox APC to enhance the performance of the motor.
The marking on the box says:
Control Unit

the unit comes with a 3.0fpr.

can anyone tell me if this unit will work? if so, what kind of increase can I expect?

kind regards,

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I own a 1994 9000 Aero with a 2.0ltr (B204L) motor.[/b]
No you don't ... the 9000 Aero only came with the 2.3l B234R motor.

What you might have, though, given your location, is the 185bhp 2.0 that the rest of the world didn't get - IIRC it was available in Italy because of your tax regulations which penalise vehicles over 2 litres.

As to whether you can fit a Red APC, I'm not sure. Won't a 1994 car be Trionic already?


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