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will 5 go into 4?

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I have been offered some 17" 9-5 Aero wheels from a colleage who has ordered some new 18" wheels - is it advisable to

A. Buy a 5 stud spacer
B. Buy a 9-5 Hub and will it fit my 9000 Aero (96)

Or is it a non-runner?
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Common thoery is no to 5 stud adaptoor plates, speedparts list them, but for non road use!

And 9-5 hubs will not fit!
Thanks for that Leon

what about getting hold of a blank hub and drilling it for a 5 stud application or am i going overboard with fitting these wheels - I am prepared to spend some cash since these wheels are cheap !

#I know on my mate's mk2 Golf he got hold of some hubs and had a engineering shop drill and tap an appropriate pattern.
In theory with skill and engineering you could achieve anything!

But I'll mention one word..... Insurance.
excuse my ignorance but will a non-standard hub count as a modification?

I know on previous motors that when i told the insurance company that it had after market alloy wheels they stated that

a. they would only repalce with factory spec wheels
b. as long as the car came with alloys wheels on the factory spec it would not increase the premium
Originally posted by Aero Nutter:
[qb]excuse my ignorance but will a non-standard hub count as a modification?

I think you've provided the answer in your question .

If the worst happened and you had an accident and an assessor looked at your car, I think you would be caught out. Wheels and tryes are very much at the top of the list that assessors look at.

IIRC The offset is different (about 13mm larger)for 5 stud wheels, so your hub adapter would end up with it's outer face some 13mm further out. Or, in other words, you would be putting more stress on the mounts and bearings than they were designed for.
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