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I won't tell you the advantages of the car, you most probably know them. Instead, I will list what I didn't like:

1. The TCS was a major pain in the ***. It took away most of the fun. You couldn't push the car at corners at all. Also, it was a big cloud over my head in case it went wrong. Very expensive, as many of you know.

2. The auto box took away the rest of the fun. Ok, I know I can't blame the car for that, but in hindsight it was a poor choice, didn't suit the car at all. Another expensive thing to go wrong, as well.

3. I just couldn't get used to an engine that pulled less as the revs went up. Although very effortless, not really suited for fast driving. The auto box didn't help with that, either.

4. High running costs. Of course, high is relative, it was high to me anyway... 24mpg in town was just not acceptable anymore...

5. Handling. Good, for a car this size, not great though. And also very hard suspension.

So who 's my new mistress? A 1991 clio 1.8 16v. Bought it for £600 with a blown gasket, spent £500 reconditioning the head, and it drives like a dream. Spot-on handling, engine that sings from 4500-7000 rpm, cat out s/s exhaust,air filter... I feel like I'm 18 again (I'm only 27!). Much cheaper to run and I'm still going to Greece with it!

Thank you all for your help, I will still be browsing Saabscene daily (it's a habit now ).

Shame there is no such site for Renaults...


PS. I forgot to praise the Carlsson. Still the greatest car I had so far, my entry to the 200HP club. Great, great pulling power. 100mph came up as fast as 60mph in usual cars. Cruising at 130 through Europe was super. It will be remembered fondly...

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Oh dear oh dear.
I have had the same thoughts about changing the carly too.....
then I get in and put my foot down in 3rd......

The boost taper is very annoying.....but I believe a cat bypass makes a significant difference?

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sorry to hear that you have sold it
however tcs..
maybe you have seen all my posts and troubles on tcs...but it saved my a55 on countless occasions at the track on monday
without it I would have :-
1.Ended up in the sea
2.broken my gearbox
3.fried my tyres

Ok it was probably not as fast but it was safe
I could have switched it off but I was scared to !!

In other times I have switched it off I have sat there in a big cloud of tyre smoke or sliding off !!

On balance... if you are not the stig its a good thing... imho
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