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Hello All,
I have 2006 9-3 Aero with the 2.8 V6 and was wondering which ignition coils to buy. I can't really afford the Saab ome ones but maybe the next ones down, the Bosch would work fine.
I have 106k on the car with a small misfire. It is a 6 speed manual shift.
any help would be appreciated.


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You could try rock auto
Yep Bosch .
Or if you have a GM dealer could always try them as I think they use the same engine on GM cars in the us .
There is of course Neo brothers over her in the UK
Or parts for saab
Or of course the well known auction site .
But remember to cross ref your original part number
But remember you gets what you pay for .

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V6 2.8--Bosch 00147 also the plugs while your aware take care when doing the rear 3 as it's easy to break a vacuum pipe changing plugs and coils..
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