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Looking at the Eonon android range. I really would like something that is OBD2 compatible so I can get an OBD reader and link it to the Android head unit meaning all readings etc are onboard. Hoping this is possible but as with most things car related I'm pretty clueless as to what can be done! That's why I'm here :)

I'd also like to link a dashcam/ rear view camera to it. I know you can link maps/ sat nav to it too. What else is possible?

Thinking about this one:

Or this one:

£40 difference and I'm not entirely sure why! I'd rather spend as little as possible. Presume I'll also need an OBD reader, camera and fitting kit!

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This above c2kev did something with his new head unit with torque something or other
As far as dash cam I woukd go for an independent one , I got an Apeman one and got a GPS unit for it so it records your speed
Nice and small and for me simple
As far as fitting kit got mine from Dynamic sounds costs £75.00 p but full instructions inc for me being a "Gas man " the simpler the better .
I kniw your not ,,,,, but if you were don't get tempted by those cheap ones on that well known auction site , that have pictures of scantily clad females all over them , number 1 those females are prolly lady boys with a little bit extra.
Number 2 I know someone on here brought one and had a devils own job trying to fit then make it work .
Go for quality over quantity.
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