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I'm looking at getting this

Autotrader 9-5

I've not owned a Saab before but they've been in my family a lot. I've found buying guides for other engines on the 9-5 that have general things but anything particular to this model I should be wary about?

Saab 9-5 2.3T Aero Auto, Nocturnal Blue
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Always listen to the engine sound, should be minimal rattle and noises.

Especially knocking sounds wich is an indicator that its been run low on oil at some point.

Have a good service history with regular oil changes.

Always swap the 4mm vacumhoses when you buy the car, they almost always goes bad.

Would recomend a fresh set of sparkplugs as well this to minimise problems, ngk BCPR7ES-11 or BCPR6ES-11 depending on the engine.

Always make sure it does not throw any oil pressure light, thats a done deal if you dont eant to drop the oil pan.

Otherwise if you can check underneath for rust.

Make sure the dog leg is looking pretty soild big area to rust.

Also no blue smoke likely turbo exchange in the near future.
No white smoke from exhaust when operating temp, can be head gasket or turbo.

For wagon or combi look at the boot door to make sure its not to rusted up.

Make sure to check the evap valve or just swap it direclty cheap part

Thats what i can think of right now that i specificaly look for.

A new saab i buy i swap oil and filter, sparkplugs, vacumhoses, evap vacum valve, air filter the rest i check.
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