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2004 Saab 9-3 Aero Vert
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Not just today, but within the last few days.

Mod, if there is already a "What have you done to your 9-3 today?" please feel free to move my post. I searched for that thread but could not find it.

Went to the wrecking yard and scored a battery cover to replace my chewed up one. At the same yard I found a like new "Clear" button for the small info panel. A while back I bought a set of new AC button replacements, and what a difference that made. Also bought a new shifter face plate from a member here, and did install this today. Thought the silver trim plate around the shifter might need to be re-painted, but after taking it out and cleaning it, I think it's fine. Finally, everyone here knows how bad the door pulls can get, so I did a little experiment. Took the drivers side off and removed that sticky rubber coating that always gets gummy and flakes off. After it was clean and completely dry, I took some old leftover grey wrap and proceeded to wrap it. Mind you this was just a test as I'm not sure about the light grey, but it came out flawless. I'll leave it on for a while to see if the color will be ok. I may get some matte black instead. The interior is starting to look like it was when we bought the car. Oh, and off course took some 303 UV protectant for the dash.

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