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wet passenger foot well

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we had a lot of rain last night but as i got into the car this morning,the passenger foot well was under 2 inches of water.the windows were closed and i cant see any evidence of where the water came is water and not coolant.any ideas as the car is still under warranty ?
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I'm sure there won't be any similarity, but this was a regular occurance with a Seat Leon Cupra 20VT I owned. 3 of the 4 doors leaked, plus the rear hatch. Seat claimed in an official statement (it was a problem the most Leons), that the seals weren't leaking, they were just too good! They said they trapped moisture in and therefore there was nothing they could do!

Cheers and good luck
Take the carpet up yourself if its out of warranty and i take a look to see if the scuttle drain pipe is actually directed out of the car, i have done many a car with this exact problem where the factory have not routed the drain pipe out of the correct hole and the first sign of the problem is the wet passenger floor.

When the water drains off your windscreen it should route down behind the bulkhead behind the passenger front wheel and drip off the sill onto the road.
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