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well gutted that the 9000 aero auto only has 200bhp

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i thought that the 9000 aeros all had the same bhp after reading on here that the auto has less power im ready to slit my wrists but on the other hand ive put a bleed valve on the car and the boost gauge goes well over the end of the red then drops somewhere midway into the red now does this mean i will kill my gearbox as anyone been down this road and found that they was killing gearboxs if so anyone wanna buy a 9000 aero auto or swap for a manual
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Welcome to Saabscene gesa77.

Don't panic, you've still got a better car than most on the market. If you're happy with the performance, forget the paper figures & enjoy the car. I occasionally get blown off from a standing start by plebs, but it's the way the cars go, and keep on going, thats the key.

Just enjoy!
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welcome gesa 77

Iv'e got both manual and auto and enjoy them equally. Both have been Abbottised with ecu upgrades and suspension mods. Pop on to their website and see what you can do with an auto.
I have an auto running around 250 bhp thats been Abbotted,its a superb car to drive and once moving will outrun most cars.I wouldnt reccomend to many standing sprints for the sake of the gearbox but once its rolling enjoy yourself.I shocked an R32 driver in mine last week easily outrunning him between 40-cough.
This thread may be of interest, though it sounds suicidal to me
I fail to see what significant difference a loss of 20hp will make to performance on the road. I think it is all in the head, and maybe those playing cards we all had as a kid has something to do with it.
Isn't it the amount of torque rather than bhp? This would explain the sheer pull of a Saab on song. For example

My bog standard 145bhp 99T puts out around 175 lbs/ft. A difference of around 30.
Escort RS1 turbo 'tweaked' puts out 133bhp and 133 lbs/ft. The same.
Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo 'tweaked' puts out 168bhp but only 181 lb/ft. A difference of around 13.

From 'retro' magazines April 04
Torque certainly does make a massive difference to performance,and the 20 bhp isnt a big hinderance.Most of the difference in the performance figures(0-60 etc) is just the autobox itself and the energy it absorbs.I still wouldnt worry about it to much though they are still very rapid.
cheers dave s im gonna give a try i will let you people know how i get on
cheers dave s im gonna give a try i will let you people know how i get on  [/b]
Rather you than me!
I suppose it depends on why Saab restrict the power - is it to ensure the box lasts 15 years rather than 5, or is it to stop the box grenading within six months?
Will be interested to hear how you get on. Good luck!
Please can someone enlighten me - I know the Aero engine in a manual is physically different to that of a regular 2.3 FPT, ie different turbo as well as different ECU - but isn't the auto version exactly the same as the regular 2.3 FPT?

If I do that pulling fuse 9 trick and then reinstalling after the engine is started, I get no noticeable difference whatsoever, either in behaviour or performance... That's in a '96 2.3 FPT auto. The paper figures for the 2.3 fpt and the 2.3 aero auto are identical, so I figured the engine would be the same, and they wouldn't bother with the uprated ecu software.

Let us know how you get on gesa77!
Check this thread for fuse 9 trick.

Fuse 9

I've always taken it out and left it out. Work for me.
the trick with the fuse dont work
I have a 2.3FPT Griffin auto that I would like better performance out of. What is the fuse 9 trick? I also tend to drive very hard, am i heading for an exploding gearbox? Car has done 138,000 miles with full service history.
i tried the fuse 9 thing and i didnt see any difference it could be because ive put a bleed valve on the car and it was mental took abit of setting up in the wet a 90mph when i kick it down it will wheel spin no probs id give that a try first as they are cheap as chips
hi - when I tried the fuse 9 thing, nothing happened either (9k aero). BUT disconnecting the battery for 20mins induced the calibration ok. Worth trying if you are ever in doubt.
I tried the fuse 9 thing again coming home from work today - more as an experiment than anything else (no intention to leave it out long term since my baby is at 162k and still as far as I know she's on the original box). Weirdly it felt significantly quicker and more responsive, plus seemed to idle about 200rpm lower - too low for comfort in fact, some very harsh vibration coming through into the cabin that isn't normally there at the steady 900rpm idle I'm used to. Boosted right to the end of the yellow/red hashes where it normally settles at the start of them. *But* about 20mins into the drive, it settled exactly as it used to. Idle back to normal, boost as per normal, felt like normal to drive, so I put the fuse back in and ended my little "experiment!". How much of the performance thing is in my head, I have no idea. It certainly felt quicker but then it has days like that anyway. The idle thing was definitely odd though!

Anyway, thought I'd report my findings!
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Gassy did a wwite up of his 2.3T auto on Performance Saab (look under tech then projects). IIRC he is getting around 240HP.
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