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Welcome back to Saabscene!

We have now completed:
- software update
- server move
- software migration

...and we are now running the last 6-7 years worth of data on a new server running a mySQL/PHP database version of the website.

You will note with the new software that there are some new features and a different way of working with existing features.

<font color="red"> With </font> <font color="green"> a </font> <font color="blue"> range </font> <font color="orange"> of </font> <font color="brown"> colours </font> it is possible to make some garish looking posts. Please remember that we are here to help each other, please do not allow the novelty of this to detract from the usefulness of your posts.

Remember, Saabscene's aim is to be a useful place for the provision of Saab information, help and knowledge. A place where people can come with questions about Saabs, Saab maintenance, Saab performance, Saab history, and to seek answers from like-minded people. Our desire is that Saabscene is a friendly place where we can all share our common interest in the Saab marque.

Saabscene is not a chat-forum - we do not seek to reinvent what is already well catered for on the internet.

Before you post in the new forums take your time to explore and familiarise yourself with the new software. If you have any questions please read the customer service desk forum to see if your question has been asked. If not, then please post any questions about the functionality of the board in the customer service desk forum. Please try to discuss the same issues in one given topic (ie: do not start the same or similar discussion if your question is already being discussed).

The software is new and there is going to be a learning curve for all of us. Hopefully, you'll become acquainted with the new software and we can all be discussing Saab issues once more.
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