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We went on a ferry the other day in the wifes 9-3 and because of tight parking I used the mirror fold function, the wife didn’t even know her car had it, so its the first time its been used in the 6 yrs we have had the car.
When we drove off I pushed the button to swing the mirrors out and the drivers side mirror kept going until it was pointing nearly forward, I pulled it back but the locking position seemed to have moved and it was between detents when it was in the correct position. Then every time we started the car and drove off as soon as we got to 30 kph it would motor forwards as far as it could go, you then had to pull it back to where you wanted it has done this for the past two days.
I just went out and pulled the plastic cover off and tried to fool it into the right position by unplugging it at various points while operating the fold button but it always tries to go all the way forward so its lost its park position reference and thinks its folded every time you drive off and tries to swing it out.
The motor is enclosed in the aluminium mirror frame so can’t see if its something I can repair or is there a calibration sequence I don’t know about. I have unplugged it for now.
Any one had any similar problems?
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