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I am a new owner of a 1992 Saab 9000s CD Turbo when first starting the car and until the car heats up the Check Oil Level light is lit. I checked the oil and low and behold, I was low a quart. So I added a quart, The light never went out though, it is doing the same thing. Ive checked and rechecked the oil to make sure its not burning up and the level is remaining at max.
On a seperate issue I started my car today and my TCS CTRL and my ABS(ABS something, the one that indicates a malfunction) lights were both on and stayed on, I tried restarting the car and nothing worked. Since the car was driving fine and nothing seemed up I went on with the night and went to see a movie, when we got out of the movie and I started the car the lights were gone. Well when we were pulling onto the highway I stalled the car(its manual, and ive only had it for a day and a half) when I restarted it, the lights were back. Could this be an indication of a bad relay? What exactly do those lights indicate? I know they indicate a malfunction, but what kinds of malfunctions can it detect?(low pressue, worn brake pads) The TCS system was just recently serviced so it leads me to the relays, should I pull out each relay and start the car, noting which one causes BOTH lights to engage? and then try changing the relay? What symptoms cause both lights to engage? Any help on either problem would be greatly appreciated.
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