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Hi all, I'm looking for a Saab 9-3 facelift Aero saloon with the TTID engine.

I'm not overly worried about mileage as long as the car has been well looked after. (although obviously lower is better) Service history is a plus but as long as there are receipts to back up the important stuff that's going to have needed to be done like Cam belt, water pump etc then that would be so the job.

I'd really like to have the convenience pack with dimming mirrors etc. Not really bothered about Sat nav because I plan on ripping the head unit out if it's stock and sticking something better in there.

Colourwise, black is best but I'm not ruling anything out.

Finally budget, really 5k is tops and ideally I'd like to spend less.:D

Let me know what you've got.
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