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Vibration from engine all of a sudden

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Today I started up my 2007 Saab 9-3. It normally starts up right away with no problems. Today when it started the engine was running very rough and had a lot of vibrations. After abuot 10 seconds the RPM died down and the engine eventually quit. I started it up again to find the same vibration. I thought that if I let it run for a couple minutes things may warm up (-10C outside) and the vibration may go away. No such luck. When I put the car in gear (automatic transmission) it felt like the vibration got 3x worse. Putting the car in neutral eased the vibration. Needless to say I didn't drive it anywhere and just left it.

Anyone with any thoughts on what this might be?


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Could be that it's only firing on 3 cylinders. Suspect DI? Any CEL?
I am not sure what "DI" or "CEL" is... can you please clarify.

Sorry about that, but SuperSwede has explained it well. Fairly young car to be having these problems. Is it out of warranty?

By the way, ECU is the Engine Control Unit, which does most of the work!
Do NOT let them use any other make and they MUST be resistor type plugs (hence BCPR). If they use ordinary plugs then you risk damaging the DI cassette. The DI cassettes were designed with NGK plugs as it senses the combustion through the plugs. If you use a different make then it won't work as intended.[/b]

Pretty basic stuff - it's printed on a label stuck to the underside of the DI. I think that the R (resistance plugs) reduce the energy in the plug and they do not get so hot. Anyway, if you do not use them, the DI coils get very hot causing the oil to leak out leading to failure (from experience!). Sure someone will be along soon to give "chapter and verse".
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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