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I'm logging this note for the benefit of anyone re-doing the valves on a 9000. It's information that doesn't appear to be readily available elsewhere.

Many of the valve spring compressors in the shops will not work on a Saab. The critical point is the space between the top frame of the "G" and the top of the valve.

Because the valves are set so deeply in the head, you must have at least 9.5cms clear space. Otherwise, the frame of the VSC simply sits on the top of the cylinder head, the little cage that does the actual compressing just touches the valve but you are left with no space to actually compress the valve.

To make it clearer (I hope), if you look in Haynes manual, the VSC pictured at the front in the "tools" section, will not work. You need something like the one shown in the "engine overhaul" chapter.

I hope this saves someone from buying the wrong size compressor.
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