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Today I was out on a launch off road event. The car was the VW Touareg.
Cars available and driven 2.5 tdi very smooth and easy to drive on road manners were remarable for such a big car.
Off road and I mean off road hills , tracks , water and deep, gravel quarry . The car fitted with a 4.2 V8 just like my A8 very-very good . But the run back 20 miles was in the V10 and oh my god what a blast. It had air suspension and 750Nm of Torque 0-62 in 7.8sec. This is the best diesel I have ever diven. I had an ML270 03 model before Aero and it is just a tractor. Even my E300td was no match.
I also found out that it is the same platform VW and Porsche. You just save alot of money with the VW.
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