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upgrade front brake for NG900

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I am a saab owner from Thailand. I currently own 900SE turbo (1995) and 9000CD (for my wife). I have modified my 900SE: TD04 and intercooler from Viggen, 3 inch free flow exhaust and Maptun stage 3. The performance is great. However its performance may be limited by the fuel (95 octane) and hot weather. Johnny from Maptun said, from this condition I should get around 260-270 hp. Now I would like to upgrade the front brake. Using one from AP racing or Breambo may be too expensive. Is it possible to apply the front brake set from Viggen or 9-5 Aero to my 900SE. The car is 1995 model). This is much cheaper compared with AP or breambo. I can have any required fitting machined.
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hi everyone, i own a 96 abbott set coupe and have been thinking about possible brake upgrades for the future since i've gone down the abbott route, (i had experience with brake fade aswell which was a bit scary!).

i was looking at past posts when this one really caught my eye

maarten (900 hirsch)

i was really interested in the image you posted about the porsche brake upgrade, do you hav any more info on that?, which porsche brakes fit and do they bolt straight on??

cheers for any info


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thanks for the comments guys, looks like a tricky one, i think a brake fluid change and some aftermarket disks and pads may seem like the best solution for the time being, i just saw those porshe brakes and thought 'oh yes please'!

although there are a full set or brembo's off an evo7 on ebay at the moment??!
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