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Update on leaded fuel issue

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Greetings to all my fellow Saab fans, and many thanks indeed for the welcome messages and also for your replies to my posting.

To update you; I went in my company vehicle to the Shell garage that I filled the Saab up.

I stopped at the same gas pump, and asked "is this unleaded" (there is no sign on the pump)the pump attendant told me it was indeed unleaded fuel.

So where does that leave me. I have a very nice looking car that cannot be taken on the road because of this huge choking exhaust cloud.

My "check engine" light is on and I don't want to inflict any serious damage on the car. There are only about 6 Saabs on the Island, so I'm now looking for a mechanic with experience on Saabs.

However, I would ask a few more questions if you don't mind.

The Saab owners book warns about overfilling, making sure that there is enough room for fuel expansion. Is this just a safety issue, or can it lead to mechanical problems?

The book also states, you must hear three clicks on the fuel cap, and it warns that failure to do so could bring up the "check engine" warning light. What is the connection here?

Thanking you all in anticipation,
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To help with a diagnosis:

Are you saying that you probably have unleaded fuel in the car after all?

Has it been on the island since new without Saab servicing?

Can you confirm that it is white smoke and not blue?

There is a modification plate under the bonnet with ABC down one side and 12345 across the top. Are any of the boxes marked? If so which ones?
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