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Apologies from the SSc team for the unscheduled downtime this morning. It's great that SSc is popular, but it costs money

Saabscene (SSc) was offline from around 05.30 to 10.30 today due to our bandwidth allowance being exceeded.

Our host permits 10Gb per month. SSc has currently transferred in excess of 20.8Gb and is predicted to use 33Gb for January 2004. Fortunately our host has been flexible when we have been regularly exceeding our limit of 10Gb.

Since SSc is increasing in popularity, the amount of data transfer is significant and incurs additional costs. In light of this, we are looking at more appropriate hosting arrangements with our host.

SSc is supported by its members. If you have found SSc useful [perhaps it has saved you a few quid?] you may wish to support our hosting costs?

More information on SSc stickers and supporting the site can be found here: donations page.

To make a donation to the SSc running costs, you may visit our credit card donation page.
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