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Goodwood, West Sussex, UK. Friday, 14th February 2003.

It's not a Saab-specific event and I'm told there is already a very varied selection of cars. There will be at least one Saab there, though - my 9000 Aero.

£150 for a whole day's driving. There are currently 22 cars booked and the target is 30. Static noise limit per car is 98dB, which from previous experience at Goodwood, should mean 10 cars on the track at once. That should add up to lots of track time for everybody.

Anyone interested should contact Michael Kavanagh on 01825 713628 or [email protected] . Entry forms and cheques need to reach him by 6th February.

I've told Michael to expect some Saab drivers to contact him and he's looking forward to it.
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