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So I've had my 9-3 for a couple of years now without issue... It was booked in for it's MOT on Monday 16th Nov. Last Tuesday morning though, whilst on the way to work the alarm randomly went off whilst the car was stationery at traffic lights. It did not stop until the car was in motion again. Parking it up at work it went off again and no amount of fob presses shut it up. Regardless of weather the car was locked or unlocked the alarm was sounding continuously. I did try replacing the key in the ignition etc but that had zero effect, eventually I had no option other than to disconnect the car battery.

Later that day I replaced the fob battery and travel home that night was fine. The following morning on the way to work the automatic door locks operated randomly locking all the doors, using the door panel unlock button worked for a few minutes before the same thing happened again. This occurred 4 or 5 times en-route then the alarm went off again whilst in stationery traffic. Once more, it stopped when mobile.

Given the age and value of the car I have no wish to spend mega bucks on it and given that it's MOT is imminent it would be foolish to anyway until I know if it passes or not. Therefore I've been looking into the possibility of a quick fix. i.e pulling the relevant fuse but I understand from reading on Saab forums that there is no alarm fuse for the 9-3, rather a BCM module.

I would pull the horn fuse but the horn operation is of course part of the MOT test. One other forum mentioned putting a transport fuse in the main under bonnet fuse box will disable the alarm without affecting the other systems but no mention of fuse type or placement was mentioned.

Can anyone confirm this with the type and placement? or indeed can anyone offer a quick fix that will allow the car to be taken for it's MOT without fear of deafening the examiner.?

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