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Tyres (yes, again...)

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I was all set to get Dunlop sp 01s this time, but the recent discussion about them raised doubts.

So, what should I get?

Car is a '97 2.3 lpt auto, with an Abbott ECU.

I'm not a boy racer (or rather a dad racer), but I'm about to get Abbott springs and Konis and I'd like to take advantage of them

I do 27,000 miles a year, mostly motorway commuting.

Currently I've got NCT5s, which are OK. Previously Gisleved, which were noisier. On my previous 9000, Pirelli p6000s (which were OK, I think because I tend to change them with a reasonable amount of tread remaining)

So, I'd like a quiet performance tyre, which is how the sp01s are advertised. Should I go for them? Or something else?

(And what will I notice if I go for 205/60/15 instead of the current 195/65/15?)
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Michelin Pilot Primacy in 205/60-R15Z was my choice before I got 16" wheels.
You could look at Nokian. I used NRH directional treads for a year on my 2.3 LPT, and they were very quiet. Did 23,000 miles on those.

I'm currently using the NRVi performance tyre, which actually feels pretty much the same.

Both tyres performed really well in the wet, and each time I bought them for about £50 each (from SETyres).
I've got a new [about 4 weeks or so now I think might be a bit more] set of SP01's on the front of my 2.3 FPT CDE. I wasn't convinced at first but having chaufered / taxi'd / generally acted as minicab for family and friends I have had a few comments on the ride quality and noise levels - and they were all positive i.e. "feels nice and doesn't rumble as much" from my 7 year old
and my mum

The wash-out from the front-end I posted in a previous thread led to investigations into the front suspension components. I have found a serious knocking and wobble if I hold the front off-side / drivers-side wheel at 3 & 9 o'clock
, and less of a wobble on the near-side / passengers side - getting that fixed this week I hope. Plus new disks and pads front & rear plus second-hand Sanden SD-709 aircon unit fitted and regassed plus 90k service plus MOT
Now, where's that number for Loans Direct gone .....
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OK, I'm going for 195/65R15V sp01s at £50 each fitted, all inc.

Sounds reasonable to me
I've had Vredestein Sportrac 2's on for a few weeks now and have to say they are very good. They grip exceptionally well in wet and better than average in the dry, and reveiws say they are good on wear (try going through 'mytyres' and follow the link to the reifentest reveiws). Not a bad price either at about £70 for 225/50/16's.

I had Yokohama A539 205/60 15H on my 9000, quiet, 30,000 kms out of them though. car handled very well.. changing the front ones to the "new improved" tyre that is replacing the idea what it is though.. but i ordered them yesterday, in the 205/60 15 size.

I recently got myself a set of Dunlop SP9000 on 205/55/16.

They're a huge improvement over the Michelin Pilot Primacy of same size.

Quieter, better in the wet too.

I've had yokohama A539's on a Pug 309GTi 195/50/15 and swapped them for some cheap Uniroyal Rallye 540 tyres. They're quieter and better in wet and dry too.

Good Luck
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Dunlop SP Sport 9000 are excellent in the wet and do not wear too quickly, unlike many other performance tyres.
Hirsch Performance recommends these tyres.
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