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My first post in the TTE forum

Guys, with a couple of track days coming up early this year, I'm looking for advice on tyre pressures on my modded 9K Aero. Not so much suggestions of what pressure to use, but rather an insight into how tyre pressure affects the various handling characteristics so I can experiment with some sort of direction.

The car is currently on the standard 16" wheels with 205/55 Bridgestone S-03s all round. Suspension is modified with Abbott springs and Koni dampers set very firm.

Saab's recommended pressure for this car is 35psi all round for normal road use, and they only recommend increasing it for a full load over 190kph, when they specify 41psi.

I know for a fact, having accidentally overinflated the tyres, that 40-ish psi leaves me with very poor grip. I've been running 38psi at track days so far. All have been wet for part of the day, but grip has been pretty good in the wet and dry.

Any pointers as to what I should be trying and why?
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