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Tyre Pressure 195/60/15 ?

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As my owner manual (9000XS - J) hasn't arrived and the plate on the car is for 185-65/15's.

What tyre pressure should I be running?


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I'll check tonight (not in the 9000 today) and let you know - hopefully someone else will come back to you by then.

Kevin Mc
I run 30psi all round which I think is the book pressure for those size tyres. Optimum pressure will vary for different makes/model of tyre. I try to run as low a pressure as possible without the sidewalls flexing on corner entry but it doesn't really make much of a difference on the 9000.
IIRC the standard is 2.1 bar on all 4 tyres for a normal loading.

Not sure which one you want (185 or 195) but the "Quick Reference Guide" says:


195/65R15 91V 1.9 1.9
195/65R15 91H 1.9 1.9
185/65R15 87H 2.1 2.1
195/60VR15 2.3 2.3

Figures are for front and rear tyres in "bar". 1 bar = 14.7 p.s.i.

Hope this helps.

Kevin Mc
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For some reason the BB seems to surpress the spaces. I did put in spaces between the tyre sizes and the figures, though they're all together now. Ah well.
Agreed. Use similar for my 205/60/R15. Remember to add .2 to .3 bar if you're intending long distance high speed motoring, or have a particularly full/heavy car, as it limits the tyre flexion and subsequent warming effect, and minimises the strain on the tread at speed.
Both of my 9000's have run on the same size tyre as your's (195's...). I have traditionally run them at 30psi but find this wears the centre tread slightly more than the outer parts of the tyres. So now run at 28psi which gives slightly more even tyre wear. The above applies to a wide range of tyre brands I have used over 6 years. 28psi will give slightly more grip but fractionally reduce fuel consumption, for what that's worth!
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