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Good evening all,

As a current 9000 owner (although in bits!) and 200sx owner I have recently fettled a 1987 T3 from a 9000 onto my 200sx with very good results, that was untill last nite when the seals gave up!
Anyhow, although I am now in search of any old saab tubby to put on (so I can get to work!) I have heard that the old carlssons ran a T3 with a 360 degree roller bearing? Is this true?!
As I refuse to use anything Ford based on my old nissan (and the saab parts are taking over my datsun anyway!) I am just intersested on peoples veiws on the best turbo for the job, and if anywhere sells (or gives them away!) cheapish!!!

Many thanks, george

Ps anyone know the size of the turbo throttle body?
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