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Hi everyone,

I've just bought a Turbo X manual wagon which I am veeeeryyy pleased with but I have one little annoying thing going on and that is a squeak/creak from the front seems like LHS when driving.

I'ts an eee-e-e-e-eee-e-e-eeee-ee type noise (said fast!) it happens when driving ordinary roads (maybe not the smoothest) but doesn't really seem to happen over speed bumps/big bumps/ pot holes and not really linked to bumps more just motion. It's not the standard lower wishbone suspension arm ccrrreeeaaakkk when going over speed bumps that we all know and love this is different. It doesn't seem linked to braking or accelerating or cornering.

Now I've had 9-3's for some time and this noise is new to me - I don't know how different the Turbo X front suspension is (I know the rear has pricey Nivomat self levellers) and am not sure where to start. So I'm hoping this is a standard 2008 -> problem that others can help with.

Thanks heaps.
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