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Once i fit the upgrade oil vent kit, i intend to change oil to mobil 0w-40.
But as my engine oil was at min, i decided to buy 1 litre from saab dealer for top-up, i told him that it was for a hot 9-5 aero 2000 model and had previous service in saab garage.
He gave me the 5w-30 semi-synth stuff whih i used.
But having searched the forum this evening, i see saab also do a fully synth 0w-40 which i assume is for the hot aeros as they are the highest performance saabs.
So now im not sure if my car had fully or semi in it already and would it matter if i added 1 ltr semi to full ?
Should that dealer have given me fully synth ?
Do all saab dealers use fully or semi or whatever they feel like ?

Should a 2000 model have had the banjo upgrade and is it easy to tell ?
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