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I just bought a very nice K 92 9000 CS 2.0 Turbo S. Its only done 126k, has full sh and runs very nicely except that the turbo does not seem to be boosting power. I noticed this on the test drive but the car was so sound otherwise I just made a daft offer and bought it. It runs fine and accelerates reasonably well, quite torquey, but just seems to lack that turbo push where I think you should feel it ....maybe from 3000rpm or so. No obvious signs in the engine bay. Just wondered if this is something anyone has experience of and hopefully an easy fix ?

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There'll be someone along that knows far more than me but for my two penneth worth I would have a look at the wastegate on the turbo to make sure that the little clip hasn't fallen off the actuator arm which will allow the wastegate to open all the time = no boost.


the APC solenoid which can fail allowing the car to run on base boost only. This can only be really checked by substituting it for a known good one.

Do a search of the site under 'APC' and you'll find all sorts of information.

My solenoid recently turned out to be a dud and I thought the car was running fine . It's running a damn site finer now with a new one on.

The other thing is that you could be suffering from new 9000 owner 'it doesn't feel very fast syndrome' which is quite common. They don't feel very quick, it's more of a 'wafting' along experience, the occupants being shielded from the actual speed of the car by it's opulence & splendour.

& welcome to Saabscene

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welcome to saabscene sawdrl

no boost could mean a few things
I will suggest the simple things first ...
The wastegate actuator rod has fallen off,,
on the turbo there is a rod going fron n the actuator (round gold thing ) to the wastegate
it is connected by a pin and they often fall out
check that the rod is connected
Vacumm hoses have fallen off/perished
there is a lot of them !!
check all of them for fit and state ..replacing hoses that are brittle/perished

check the induction trunking for splits ..the bend before the manifold is a weak point
Dump valve is leaking
take it off and try blowing through it
if you can=knackered

ok that the easy stuff

turbo could have siezed
take off the trunking to the turbo and you should be able to move the impeller by hand
if not = siezed

Thats as all as I can remember for now but I am sure there will be more suggestions

good luck
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