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Recently acquired a Saab 93 convertible with the 2.8 V6 engine. Upon driving it, it turned out that the turbo would boost to some way into the redline and then the release valve would release unexpectedly and it would lose all power. The turbo then refuses to get close to the redline until the car is restarted at which point it will boost like normal unless it hits that same level of boost again, at which point it again gives up. I previously had another Saab V6 and it mevwr

It had done this a few times but with no other warning lights, however it then started to bring up the limited performance warning when this happened. Initially this was just when it hit the boost issue however it got more frequent to the point where, whenever you switch the ignition on it will come up after a few seconds. The error code associated with it is P001 8 (crankshaft position camshaft position correlation bank 2 sensor A). I know this can result from a timing chain that has jumped but I can’t see this being a realistic reason as the engine has no signs of being out of time, and the warning was very inconsistently appearing to begin with whereas I’d imagine it would've been instant should the engine actually be out of time.

Is it likely that this is just a crank sensor or something similar? Could there be a turbo issue or something that causing an unrelated sensor to go off as a result? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks
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