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9000CSE 2lt ECO (1997/8):

- The earlier 1993 2lt ECO has a max turbo boost factory setting of 0.55 Bar, and a specified BHP of 150 and ‘no’ intercooler.
- The 1997/8 2l ECO has a max turbo boost factory setting of only 0.4 Bar (although some specialists have quoted me 0.38 Bar), and a specified BHP of 150. However, this engine has an intercooler fitted as standard.

I understand that both cars have a max boost cut-off limit of just over 0.6Bar.

From the above, it is clear that there is the potential to increase the max boost pressure on the ‘intercooled’ 97/98 2l ECO engine. As this is an easy modification (on this engine), by simply adjusting the wastegate actuator rod, which takes approx 15 minutes with no parts outlay, it would appear to be a very cost effective way of gaining some extra power.

By increasing the boost from 0.4 Bar to 0.55 (or .6 Bar max), it is reasonable to assume that the max BHP will increase (I speculate to around 160BHP). I note that some of the Saab performance specialist modifications take the boost on this engine up to 1.0 Bar (by chipping the engine, etc).

In view of the above, it would be appreciated if anyone with sufficient ‘turbo’ (and preferably Trionic Engine Management) experience could advise on the following:

1. Will increasing the turbo boost to 0.6 Bar max, cause the engine to run lean (due to increased air input to the cylinders)? Or…
2. Will the Trionic Engine Management system automatically balance the amount of fuel to the air (fuel/air ratio)?
3. What is the expected max power gain for this increase in boost pressure?
4. Are there any other considerations that should be taken into account?

Thanks in advance of any info.

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First off I'm no expert, not had an ECO before only full turbo. I assume the ECO does not have an APC system to control boost pressure (simply limited by the wastegate). This is your problem, if you get any engine knocking nothing will reduce the boost hence expensive bill.
Having said that its possible that Saab reduced the boost when the intercooler was fitted (reduced model variation cost during build) to give the same power output as the higher boost non intercooled version (intercooling reduces inlet temp, increases density and hence power). So it would seem that increasing the boost to the same as the non-intercooled version will not cause problems. Fuel system should match the extra air (check injector numbers against a full turbo).

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Thanks for the info Adrian, and any other responses that may materialise on this subject.

I also had a helpful response from a seperate posting I made on the following Saab site:
The guy is called RUNE and he is a Saab 'techy' I think based in Sweden.

--Previous Message-- (Answers from RUNE).
: Hi
: 1. I doubt it, because the program
: does always work a little out of
: range, this can be easily be
: measured (There are safety systems
: too!)
: 2. Yes. But only with minor
: adjustments, if you want more
: boost i suggest you buy a chip
: 3. ..maybe 165 hp ??
: 4. A original 185hp program and a
: electronic boost regulator
: (original in the 185 hp version)
: Is a safe alternative (you shoul
: have a intercooler too)
: Good Luck!

Thanks for the info.

In line with your suggestion, I can get a chip upgrade from Abbott Racing here in the UK (Essex) for approx 400 (sterling). This gives 190BHP, and takes the boost up to 1 Bar, which is equivalent to the 9000 2L Full Blown Turbo spec that was sold in some European Markets like Italy (but not the UK).

This is the most cost effective upgrade I have come across, although I am happy with approx 165BHP with the simple wastegate adjustement defined prevously.

Paul D.

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I've got a '94 9000 cse 2l lpt I had mine done at Gordon Lamb Saab in Sheffield (Hirsch performance)

I had a re-mapped chip and APC fitted for £1024.
This increased power from 150bhp to 215bhp (running on super unleaded!)
also gained 100Nm in torque!
And it is still with in Saabs safety and reliability tollerences. So as far as I see it boosting your own up to 165bhp should be fine.
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