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I have a 1990MY turbo. Whirring might be the timing chain etc. expensive if it goes wrong .

Turbo boost guage is in 3 sections and at idle sits in the white at a sort of 10 o'clock angle. If you go for a drive it should be on the border white to yellow if you are neither accelerating nor decelerating about 11 o'clock, maybe halfway in to the red when really accelerating with max. boost, say 2 o'clock and in the yellow almost red when the boost has peaked and fallen back, say 1 o'clock. Anything past 3000RPM should feel pretty rapid .

The LEDs are to show how heavy/light footed you are....good fun on motorways where you can get 35 mpg cruising at 80mph . Or if you drive like a barsteward you get a lot more fun but far fewer MPG

I have done the timing chain, new engine mounts, all the rubber bushes, new clutch, replaced the turbo, head gasket and a few other odds and sods and the car is pretty good now, but look for receipts for those sorts of things as your potential car will probably need to have them all done given it's age and mileage
. If in doubt find a local expert. There are plenty about and the board members know the good ones. Spend 2 hours labour and let them give the car a going over. Then you can haggle on price or walk away knowing what is in store when you look at the next one .

Helluva car if you get a good one/are prepared to get it up to scratch. Mine needs a a new front pipe so sounds like a tractor, but hey, I go on holiday at the end of today, so who cares ?

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