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Tools and Equipment needed:

Socket set (preferabley with torq bits and allen keys so you can attach to ratchet)
EGR cleaner (carb or brake cleaner will do basically same)
Mr Muscle oven cleaner (or one that doesnt need oven to be heated first)
white spirits or similar

This is how I did it:

1 Remove engine cover

2 EGR Removal (theres a good how to on this but have included anyway)

locate the egr valve at back of engine its in the same area a coolant bottle but bolted to the engine

Remove the multi plug from the egr by sliding the yellow retaining clip then press down on the plug and pull off

The egr is held on by 2 fixings the top one is easy to see the other is directly below this one, proceed by undoing these with a t25 bit be carefull not to round off especially lower fixing (you could lift coolant bottle of mounting to give you bit more room)

now pull out the egr valve (there should be a metal gasket either attached to the egr or inside the housing remove this for cleaning later)

3 EGR Pipe Removal

next to where you have just removed the egr valve you will see a metal pipe that goes to the back of the inlet manifold

you will need a 6mm? allen key to remove the 2 fixings from the part of the pipe next to where you have just removed the egr valve (there is a metal gasket here should stay attached to the housing but just watch out for it you will also have to remove this for cleaning)

You will then need a 10mm socket to remove the 3 fixings where the pipe attaches to the inlet manifold (theres a rubber o ring gasket here if it dont come out with pipe remove it from manifold for cleaning)

Pull out the pipe( the pipe has a bend in it iside the manifold towards the throttle body so wont pull straight out)

4 MAP Sensor Removal

The MAP sensor is located at the back of the inlet manifold

Remove the multiplug (remember to slide the yellow clip before pulling off)

remove 1 t25 fixing

at the bottom of the sensor theres a plastic lug you will need to push this down whilst pullin out the senor, its a bit fiddley as the sensor is sealed with a o ring (I snapped this lug so be careful but hasnt caused any issues if it does easy mod ive thought about)

5 Throtle Body

This is located n/s of inlet manifold

undo the jubilee clip on the 2.5" pipe useing a 7mm socket and pull of pipe

6 Cleaning EGR Valve

Spray oven cleaner around the valve leave to soak then rinse with water gently scrape removing whats build up of carbon is left (I did this a couple of tmes till it was all removed)

know push the valve away from the seat by pushing a screw driver through the hole in the egr and spray it with oven clener this will also clean a bit of the muck from the shaft and ensure it is moving freely. Then rinse with water

give it a good spray with egr cleaner this will finish job off niceley and also enure that the oven cleaner is removed (potent stuff)

7 Cleaning EGR Pipe

Basicaly the same procedure as egr valve filled with oven cleaner (there are 3 holes at the end of a pipe mine where 95% blocked)used a tooth brush for nooks and crannys

8 EGR Valve and Pipe Housing

Dont forget to clean the hole from where the egr valve goes to the egr pipe again same procedure as egr and pipe cleaning

9 Cleaning Map Sensor

Being careful use a paper clip to remove the sludge from around the sensor then give it a good blast with maf cleaner untill clean (I couldnt see my sensor was surrounded by sludge) you could use egr cleaner but its a bit harsh if you not got maf cleaner (new after market sensor approx £20)

10 Inlet Manifold Cleaning

I just soaked a rag in white spirits and cleaned where i could get through where the egr pipe fitted and also cleaned the hole for the map sensor

To take of the manifold is a big task and involves removal of cam belt from what i can gather

11 Throttle Body Cleaning

Spray in some egr cleaner give it a good wipe with a rag and check the butterfly operates freely

12 Refiting

Refiting is basically reversal of removal just a couple of pointers

Put the egr pipe on before the egr valve (better access to fixings)

Use a bit of silicone to keep the metal egr pipe gasket in place

Dont forget to clean and refit all gaskets lol


In my opinion the egr valve is quite a robust component and as long as the valve operates it may not remidy your problem and could be a costly repair for an item that is not at fault its worth carrying out above first took me approx 4hrs to complete and less than £20 in materials
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