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Hi All,

many have done an EGR delete (while remapping) and have put a blanking plate between EGR body and the pipe to the manifold.
My EGR was deleted (ECU) due to premature soot build up because my swirl valves had been removed.
A while ago I decided to remap my 180HP engine. My tuning specialist checked some numbers with a esid2 and noticed there was some negative pressure in the inlet manifold. The EGR remained 3% open so I have to install a blanking plate.
He told me there is a kit containing 2 plates, one for the EGR itself and one for the tube entering the manifold. Unfortunately I can't find the plate for the manifold. He told me, if I want to keep the connecting tube (visual inspection MOT), I can cut off the tube part that's inside the manifold. It would improve the airflow inside the manifold. By keeping that pipe, the original O-ring would still be in place to prevent air leaks. Where the blanking plate is installed, I will use HT instant sealing on both sides of the blanking plate.
Anyone of you guys have used this workaround? Opinions?
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