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I have a question about my transmission..

I recently bought a 1993 SAAB 9000 CSE
Very good car.

I recently developed some problems though with my automatic transmission and I am not sure to what extent the problem is or how to fix it.

My problem is that my car will not go into gear when I move the lever/clutch. The car seems to remain in the Neutral/Idle mode even though clutch moves past all the options it doesn't seem to lock in place other than in "N" or "P"

My motor, electrical parts, etc work fine.

I have checked the transmission fluid and there seems to be a good amount of fluid in the reservoir but I am not sure if its enough.

I am very much hoping its something that can be repaired preferably by myself because I can not currently afford a new transmission for my baby.

During the day the car broke down I was expirimenting (probably stupidly) with using the 3rd and 2nd gear to give the car more power on hills, etc. (Something I have never done) I am not sure if this contributed to this device's failure but I wanted to include that info.

Thanks for any assistance...

-Jonathan Marc

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Don't know then!

The other week, my auto box would engage gear but it took about 20 seconds to get to 30mph! The harder you pushed the accelerator, the higher the engine revved and the slower you went. Once in 2nd gear it was OK again until it went back into 1st.

Hope someone else can help you.
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