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This should be confirmed with a GM press conference soon, but the local Trollhattan newspaper, TTELA, is reporting that GM have signed an agreement that (as much as you can guarantee these things) guarantees production in five European plants until 2016.

A quick snippet courtesy of ctm:

<blockquote>The plants are Antwerpen (Belgium), Gliwice (Poland), Bochum (Germany), Ellesmere Port (UK) - and Trollhättan. GM has not yet commented on the statement, but a press briefing is scheduled today at 4 PM CEST in Rüsselsheim.

It certainly adds some interest to question of what might be built at Trollhattan. Of course, it needn’t necessarily be Saabs that are built there. The plant will be set up to build cars on the Delta architecture soon and the main volume going through there will the Opel/Vauxhall Astra. Hopefully, in time, that will be joined by a Saab 9-1. Perhaps this announcement might be a prelude to the Saab being confirmed?

It’d be nice to think you could continue to buy a Swedish made Saab until 2016.

I’ll pass on any news as it comes to hand.

Thanks, ctm!


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