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Yesterday I checked my brakes and the front pads were down to their minimum. With Saabtrackday less than two weeks away I thought this a timely reminder for the trackday checklist.

Please do check your car before attending so that you get the most out of the day.

Here's some points to remember:
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[*]Driving licence
[*]Helmets (but also provided by Goodwood and included in price)
[*]Clothing (long sleeves and trousers)
[*]Wheel nuts tightened
[*]All fluid levels checked & caps replaced
[*]Car fuelled. i.e. Full (you'll need it!)
[*]Loose articles removed/secured
[*]Tyre pressures increased for higher speed (if in doubt use Saab's recommendation for load/speed)
[*]Windscreen cleaner (anticipate flies)
[*]Towing eyes (where separate) just in case
[*]Zero tripmeter on arrival if you wish to count laps
Also, bear in mind that some items on the car will wear at an accelerated rate on a track day.
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[*]Check brake pads - they'll wear a bit (!)
[*]Consider tyre wear- if you're down to about 3mm you may not be legal at the end of the day!
[*]Ensure your spare is in order.
[*]When was your brake fluid last changed (Old fluid will boil more easily and lead to brake fade)
Remember that it isn't a race. It's an opportunity to drive your car as fast as you feel comfortable and explore what it can do in a safe environment. It's also an opportunity to receive professional driving instruction.

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Ok Her is my checklist of stuff to do for the trackday
1.900 t16 s
upgrade to 9000 calipers and replace front discs?pads
replace rear pads and adjust handbrake
replace motor mount bolt
4 wheel tracking
secure abbott chargecooler and check system
change oil/plugs
Replace sheared alternator bolt
wire wool wheel rims and re-laquer
tint rear lights
check tyre pressures
Torq wheel nuts


Wrap exhaust manifold
check tire pressures
torq wheel nuts

that should keep me/sons busy

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Originally posted by ylee coyote:
[qb]Ok Her is my checklist of stuff to do for the trackday[/qb][/b]


Check tyre pressures
Drive to Goodwood
Drive round Goodwood

Drive home (hopefully...)

... just in case anyone is worried their car might not be modded enough.

I took a bog-standard 100hp 90 to Anglesey last year and had a whale of a time. I plan to take a standard (or almost standard) Saab this year too, although Goodwood merits a bit more oomph than the 90 can offer.

While a number of people will enjoy unleashing their modded cars in a safe environment off the public road, the rest of us can enjoy ourselves just as much. Remember, it's not a contest.

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No, it was brilliant fun and I'd do it again but the 90 would probably be flat out all the time at Goodwood and the speedo would still be in double figures at the end of the straight

I drove TFatC's 99T around Goodwood some time ago and that was the most fun I've had to date at that circuit. The non-power steering on the 99T is a higher ratio than the 90 and with the wider tyres too...

Now that did make my arms ache!
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