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Whilst static noise measurements are taken prior to cars going on the circuit, they are only an indication of likely levels, and in actual fact the key limit on noise at the track is not individual vehicle noise per se the the cumulative/integrated noise level of all vehicles on the track e.g. they sometimes run 105dB days, but limited to 5 cars on the track.

We have heard reports that some sessions have been stopped recently due to the total noise limit being exceeded; this can typically be for 20 minutes or so.

In order to avoid the possibility of this happening, if any individual cars are significantly louder than others and we are nearing the cumulative limit, these individual cars will be taken off the track.

The problem with turbo'd cars is that whilst they can pass the static test, at full chat they can turn out to be far more noisy.

The measurement point is just after the chicane. If you can back off slightly when passing this point, this will help to alleviate the problem.

I would expect that most 9000 onwards cars will not have a problem but I think some of the earlier tuned 99s or 900s are likely to. It might be wise for those of you with such cars to try to get hold of a bolt on supplemental silencer, rather than rely on being able to find anything at the circuit.
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