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today I have been...

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fitting this ...

and sorting out the rats nestof the wiring as well

I need to do a little more with the mini-disc changer as it is located with pipe insulation !!
(for damping properties of course )

still I like the wood dash..£27 ex e-bay

bargain !!
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Are those labels on the pedals??

Clutch, Stop and Go by any chance?

It was for my son on his track day ...
whats the red " do not even think about touching this" switch --- afterburner ????

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It's either an ejector seat, or the Ctrl-Alt-Del switch for the Microsoft® Windows ™ For Engine Management box he's replaced the Trionic with
red switch was for the dual gated boost control module (now disconnected)
but it covers up a big hole behind it !!
I need to get a din cubby hole thingy next time I am at the scrappy...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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