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Timing chain: DIY or take it to the dealer

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Saab 2010 2.8ltr aero sedan 90K. for the last 10k have had cam position sensor codes theoretically indicating timing chain. No abnormal noises. Deminished capability=limp home mode.
Anyone with instructions for complete job.
I have excellent mechanical skills given good instructions
Dealer wants 3k
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You could get a copy of wis from eBay. This gives you a step by step guide. I got a copy and printed the guide off and changed my cambelt and water pump on my tid 150.
WIS available on here for free somewhere I got it recently very kind member shared it :thumbsup:
Click on the above link captain frank is the wizard behind it . PM him
I got one done by a dealer last year. Not many have experience but I found that the saab dealer in Taunton had done quite a few & were experienced. I was also looking for a dealer that had the extra MDI (not tech2) that could program my spare key & carry out a general s/ware upgrade too on the 20 odd computers! The kits available from orio in about a week (£600) and its a 2 day repair including the water pump. Expect a bill of around £2k. I'd you have the awd, the oil will need changing ever 20-25k miles otherwise it's a very expensive repair. Again, 2 different oil types, front/rear systems & pressures Tec
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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