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Timing belt - replacement on 9-5 1.9 TiD MY2009 - Cost and competency inquiry

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Dear fellow Saab owners,

from my position of mechanical ignorance, I appeal to your superior knowledge and experience.

My 9-5 is coming up to 5 years, Oct '14, and the timing belt replacement seems to be on the cards as at ~67,000 miles now, it will be knocking on for 70K by the time of the service.

General advice I picked up from the forum searches I did are :

- get it done, don't let it slide
- replace water pump at same time.
- no need for specialist - an Indy garage can cope,

So just hoping people can confirm this with more recent experience than I can find through searching (most seemed to be in the range 2006-10, apologies if I missed something obvious).

Has anyone had this job done lately ? If so, what is a reasonable price to be charged ? Given that there is no main dealer near where I live or work, I am inclined to go back to the small local garage who serviced my car last year. Will they be up to the job ? Are there any questions I should ask of them (like are there any specific tools or procedures they should know about ? )

If this does need more specialised knowledge, anyone got any recommendations - I work at Hook, near Basingstoke / M3 /A30. Have taken the car to a main (Vauxhall) dealer in B'stoke (J Davy) - they are hard to get to, and wasn't especially impressed the time I went there.

TIA for any help.
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its easy not a long job at all the kits are on ebay i just bought one a GATES the one you want for 100quid including a water pump which is very cheap i have a trade account at vx and they give me it essentially at cost and it was still 128quid from them. for what in the end will just be a rebranded gates belt kit
Hi. I'm assuming here that the 1.9 engine in the 9-5 is identical to that in the 9-3. Any decent independent garage should be able to do the job. When I had mine done, I used a local trusted Fiat specialist to do the job (as I was never going to do the job myself lol!). I supplied genuine Fiat parts and he was happy to do the job. He charged me £220 to do the job (this included an oil/filter change too) so all in all, with new GM coolant and auxillary drive belt, GM oil and filter, the total cost came to £350.

All I would say is, don't skimp on the parts. What I mean is, don't buy cheap little known branded stuff. As I said, I used Fiat stuff, but clearly you can buy genuine Vauxhall branded parts or Gates or Dayco amongst others. Just make sure whatever garage you decide to use, uses decent replacement parts. This is why I supplied all my own parts so I knew exactly what was going into the engine.

You mentioned your local Vauxhall dealer. Just have a ring around. Some Vauxhall dealers do cambelt deals, but as you have already mentioned, get the waterpump done at the same time, complete false economy not to.
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Hi NathanBrand and Caddyman,

many thanks for those quick & encouraging replies. Like Caddyman, I deffo won't be doing this myself, but encouraging to hear that it is possible to do so. Interesting idea to supply own parts to garage - do either of you have more details on the parts required. Gates belt kit sounds encouraging - like it will include all the bits needed ? Any part numbers or similar to look out for ?
Neobrothers seem to have a good deal and all kosher Saab parts at £80|Cars+Type:1.9+TiD&hash=item35d741cb80

Buy 5L of red antifreeze and find a local garage that will do it for a sensible labour cost.

Any Vauxhall/Fiat/Alfa independants who see these engines every day should be able do this in a couple of hours
I appeal to your superior knowledge and experience.
that me out of the question then lol

as above really
Thanks for those further replies cjapeterborough and kez.

That neobrothers kit looks good. !
Just to warn you that the garage will probably argue that they wont warranty the work unless they supply the parts however the "guarantee" on such a job is unlikley to be worth much (imho) as they certainly wouldnt cough for an engine rebuild and would blame the parts manufacturer............
The parts manufacturer usually limit liability to the cost of the timing kit in any case.

Bottom line is a belt or pump can fail at anytime its just less likely if they are replaced pro actively to reduce the risk.

Which off course is exactly what you are going to do!
The garage I used obviously wouldn't warranty the parts I supplied, but they would guarantee their work which I thought was fair enough.
There is a Saab specialist in Cambridge called buckinghamstanley doing a deal on Ebay, cambelt and water pump
replacement £300 including VAT.
Best price on the 1.9tid I've seen anywhere.
They'll even give you a lift into town so you can treat it as a day out while you wait for the your car.
Thanks for those further replies cjapeterborough , Caddyman and acecarrot. Understand about garage warranting work rather than parts.

acecarrot - I had dealings with the chaps in buckinghamstanley (I think they are actually CambridgeSaaab), and I think it was someone from this forum who put me onto them. On that occasion it was only a replacement locking wheelnut (I say only --- it actually rescued me from a rather deep Pit of Despond !). I was most impressed, and would be happy to do business with them again. Cambridge is a bit of a trek from the Reading area where I live, but it is definitely one to keep in mind.
I've bought a few parts from Buckinghams Stanley/Cambridge Saab via their ebay shop. Always had good service from them at a decent price.
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