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I have been absent for a while due to an incurable fixation with early 1980s ford stuff and a bit of a project.

It's good to be back though now.

Earlier in the year, I somehow managed to "trash" my transmission. The crown wheel and pinion had broken up very badly, although at the time of the occaision I was only doing 30mph in 2nd changing to third and driving very steadily. The gearbox had been rebuilt by a nameless specialist only 3000 miles earlier.
After a rather pointless discussion with said specialist whose only input was to take the pi55 when I turned up on my push bike to see the damage and telling me I "had a problem", i ended up having to hire a van and take the bits to Abbott who rebulit the box , where thankfully, it has been faultless since.

The original rebuilder was dismissive at every turn and was in no way going to admit any sort of fault, even though the box still whined in higher gears after his rebuild (admittedly the whine in 1st/2nd had gone)and the new relase bearing he fitted chatterd badly and was replaced FOC when the box failed(still charged me for box removal and refitting even though the release bearing was genuine Saab and under warrenty).

The guy at Abbott pointed out the broken tooth on one of the gears probably caused by incorrect removal and that the missing piece could have gone round the box and caused the CWP damage...i might add that my car is standard and the bleed valve that was on the car was removed after the first rebuild.

So, after calming down after spending £500 on original problem (£920 if you include precautionary clutch, slave cyl and clutch pipe change) and the £700 with Abbott I have enjoyed having my 9000 back. But it still feels bad how some so called specialists may know loads about the cars they service but sod all about customer care and will do anything to deny being involved.

So the moral of the tale is...if you take it in for the bearings in the box to be done, ask what they will do if anything else fails (my specialist said.." i changed the bearings and they have not failed so the gearbox failure for another reason is not down to me").. in other words be warned.

I also have the name of another Saab spares seller who has a similar attitude to his customers and has sold me goods not as described or paid for and has never replied when I complained. PM me if you want to know who..

Otherwise...saab ownership is now wonderful again.
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