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Have had a 9000 CD Griffin Automatic (2.3 FPT) as a courtesy car over the last few days.

This car was a 1993 'L' reg, and 2 years newer than my old Carlsson, though the first thing that struck me was how old the design of the car looked. It looked very boxy and angular. The boot was huge, and unlike my Passat, you could get decent sized stuff into it!

The car was very swift, though the speed at which kickdown occured (or lack of it) was quite disconcerting - found I had to time some overtaking maneouvers to the delayed kickdown. I know you can manually drop down to a lower gear, though this for me defeats the object of having an Auto in the first place. Not having a "sports" option on the auto box on the 9000 is disappointing too, as it seemed too eager to change up.

Despite this, the mpg was truly aweful - I reset the computer when I first got the car, and averaged 21.4mpg
I thought my old 2.3 Carlsson was bad, which averaged 26 - 27 mpg during my ownership - and that was always driven enthusiastically.

I couldn't use the power anywhere near a bend, as I'd be off in a hedge

A manual 9000 now sounds more enticing - an Auto is nice, but I just could not live with that aweful economy!
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