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There is no more straightforward way of generating free FIFA coins than playing matches. From the squad building challenges (SBCs) to weekly objectives and battles, playing FIFA is the surest way of getting free legitimate coins you can use to build your FUT squad. FIFA provides squad building challenges regularly, and completing these battles will earn you some free FIFA coins. You can also win packs that have top-rated players and trade them for free FIFA coins. Generally, FIFA allows players to earn coins for participating in tournaments, weekend matches, battles and more. SBCs are simply an opportunity to play in games with a bigger coin prize in waiting

You can purchase FIFA 21 Coins from different sites as long as EA approves them. Some websites allow you to get free coins just for registering and purchasing their coins. Others also reward users with free Buy FIFA 21 Coins when you refer a friend to join and use the website to buy various FIFA goodies.

Various sites help generate more coins you can use to build your FUT squad and compete in top FIFA battles. However, continuously generating coins can get your account banned. Thus it is recommended to produce reasonable amounts of coins on different occasions.

but some can land you in serious trouble, especially if you violate EA terms or use illegitimate coins. Your account can be permanently banned when EA realizes that you might be utilizing a coin generator resource. Therefore, it is essential to stick to FIFA approved websites for all your FIFA coin and pack purchases. You can also focus on playing as many tournaments and weekly matches as possible to earn legit coins,
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