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Thinking Of Buying :)

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Hi Guys :)

Been thinking of the 93 Convertible for a while now, (the 2.0 One)

Found One today I like the look of, full service history and 71.000 Miles

Usual stuff, faded plastics everywhere lol, but easy to fix I think?

The main reason I am here, is advise really.

(1) When does the cambelt need changing if its not been done yet? or is it a chain?
(2) What else should I test on the drive tomorrow?
(3) The rear lights are both suffering from water in them by the looks of thing, and have thrown up a dash warning, easy fix? or a nightmare!
(4) Is the upgrade to 250 BHP safe or even advisable?
(5) Air filter upgrade worth doing?
(6) The drivers seat is pretty bad (the bolster is worn) which is odd for only 71.000 Miles? what can be done about that?

Thanks for taking the time to read my thread guys :)


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Hi and welcome.

Its chain driven.

What spec car?

What year car

250bhp a cheap & easy upgrade if an aero spec.

Problems with rear lights can be a painful experience, should not have water in them, check for accidient damage.

seats are very hard wearing. mine covered 117k no wear on bolster. dvla mileage check worth doing. Mileage at MOT's are logged and have been for many years.

FSH important as is two keys, replacment around 100.00, if you only key fails then look forward to spending 350-500.00

front springs snap regulalrly. check all electrics work perfectly.
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Thanks for the response.

The water in the rear lights issue, was blamed (by the seller) on condensation from early morning "dew" and then being sat in the sun all morning, hence causing the look of having water actually inside the light, the light which was directly in the sun actually did have far less then the light in the shade? so not sure about this?

Its the 2.0 Aero Turbo I am looking at, with 210 BHP (I think) would getting the ECU upgraded to 250 BHP actually feel that much better?

I will check the springs, thanks for the heads up :)

I have seen its also worth making sure the pedals dont move sideways on full lock too? a sign of bulkhead damage so I hear?

Apart form this, the car seems OK :)

Asking price is £2995 on a 2004 plate, I will of course do a HPI check and see what they have in the way of old MOT's too

But I think I am going to offer a cheeky £2250.00 for a cash deal ;)
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the rear light clusters are fairly easy to remove from the car (when fitting a new brake light bulb it fell into the cluster so i had to remove the cluster to shake it out)

so best bet is to remove the clusters to dry them out and then when fitting make sure it seals into the car
So I guess the bulb has blown, as the warning light has come regarding a rear light failure?
yes more than likely just a bulb issue, you can check this just by looking at the rear while someone presses the brake pedal (dont be fooled though, there are 2 bulbs on each side,both are used for rear side lights and 1 brake light but if it detects one is out it reroutes the brake power to the other bulb to keep a brake light working in the event of a bulb out)
my advise when buying a car is check everything you can (that you want to) if there is nothing to hide they wont mind

i think the bulkhead issue was aimed at the earlier models which was a design flaw that was corrected in the 2003+ cars
bulkhead issue was was previous gen 9-3..a tune will show up any weakness ie coils,clutch [email protected] don't be surprised to see clutch slipping if you do the ecu tune..
Well I did it!!!

I took it out for a test drive and thought it was way fast enough, in fact the power delivery was that impressive I offered him £2500 on the spot haha, and now I own it :)

Couple of faded plastic bits to sort, namely the wing mirror part which connects to the door? but may just take them off and sand them down prior to respray, or just get new Ones if I can find any online (suggestions please)

Hood needs a good clean, and some new bonnet/boot badges are coming Friday :)

Also going to get the wheels re-done, as its only £175 for all 4 so why not eh ;)

One last thing, the buttons which control the air-con/heater, most around that area are chipped/faded, any ideas if these can be pulled of and replaced?

Or has anyone tried these off eBay yet?

Thanks Guys :)
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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